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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sexy Ribbon Collar Long Sleeves Red Cotton Dress

Well shoppers... Today is a start of a new year! As most of you know, Chinese New Year will come next right? Wanted to find something to suit yourselves for this coming Chinese New Year? I think I just found something nice for you shoppers to add into your watch list.

This Sexy Ribbon Collar Long Sleeves Red Cotton Dress is brought to you all by Melody LOVE Fashion. Yes yes for most of you shoppers, this blogshop is already well known as they are selling varieties of updated fashion pieces focusing more on Taiwan and Korean style. Guess what? For you budget shoppers out there, this dress will definitely attract your attention as it only cost RM25!

For more details, do visit their blogshop:

Monday, December 31, 2012

AURA-J is coming in on 2013!

Korean Fashion Station is back in Action Once again! 2013 is coming real soon as you all realised, in fact it will be 2013 tomorrow! Have you regretted not spending your time wisely on 2012? It's okay if you did some mistakes in the past cause you know what? It's the past! AURA-J is coming in into Korean Fashion Station and it is a famous brand back in Korea!


::Here's the message of Korean Fashion Station to all their shoppers::



Friday, December 28, 2012

Romona's Clutch? It's HERE!

This stylish Romona's Clutch is brought to you by Chardonnay's Dream, one of the leading online blogshop in Malaysia with lots of returned customers and they are doing very well in gaining trust from their frequent buyers on their fashion pieces.

This is a simple yet stylish clutch, and having a feature which looks like an envelope, the tailoring of it using leather with the presence of front flap and gold colored metal twist clasp are what makes this simple design looks sophisticated. A detachable strap is included as well in case you wanted to wear it as a handbag. With two colors available, which are wheat beige and brown, they are easy to match with most of the fashion pieces available in your wardrobe for sure! With only RM68 inclusive delivery WITHIN Peninsula Malaysia, why not give it a try right? =)

For more detail on this clutch, do visit this product on their blogshop:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bluey Joyce Year End Sales!

Shoppers... Year 2012 is coming to an end now. It's an end for 2012 and yet a new start for everyone of us! In order to celebrate the approach of end of 2012, Bluey Joyce blogshop is having an end of year sale. They are organising a 50% discount to all NORMAL PRICE items. This discount will only apply if and only if there's 2 or more items purchased each time. This sale will last till 3rd January 2013 so hop into the link below and shop your way out!

Join their End of the Year Sale now:

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pay Day Week EVENT!

First of all, sorry shoppers for not having any reviews on Christmas Day, as we are celebrating Christmas the whole day in Korea! Yes... Believe it or not, we are in Korea now, having our vacation. No worries, we will still be checking our emails and reviewing for you all.

Now, it is a day after Christmas now. The best part of most of you shoppers who are working now is that, you all will be getting your pay and even BONUS! With such awesome day coming to you soon, PinknProper blogshop will be having their December Pay Day Week EVENT!

From 25th December 2012 till 30th December 2012, there will be RM5 off as well as FREE postage with every purchase of new in items! What are you waiting for shoppers! Take a look on their blogshop, and discover something that might attract you.

For more details on this event, visit their blogshop now:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simplicity Makes Perfection

Simple and clean is what I am looking at most of the time. I mean, why wear something that is so bright that people are looking at only what you are wearing but not who you are!? If that is so, what is the point of that fashion pieces you are wearing for? Simplicity makes Perfection. That's the theme for today's first review.

This Fashion Dress is brought to you all by myDresshanger. It is designed and styled based on korean fashion sense as most of the blogshop are doing lately. Love the lacy waistline feature presented on this dress, and with perfect white color fabric, it is really giving a bright and clean image. With only RM34, you can add this dress to your daily fashion life.

For more details regarding this dress, do visit their blogshop:

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chiffon Shirts Showcase!

It's common to spot chiffon shirts on blogshops. Yes... It is easy. But, it is hard to find chiffon shirts that are up to date, stylish and affordable! Today, we are going to present to you various chiffon shirts which are currently on sales on Rock Attitude Boutique, as their new updates are ALL about chiffon shirts.

Starting the review with this Floral Chiffon Shirt. Yes, it might seems old fashion to most of you shoppers as those granny looking shirt. With the right fashion pieces and accessories matching with it, it's going to be a blast when you are wearing it. It depends on how you wear it, where are you wearing it, and how you define the shirt based on your own fashion perspective. With three sizes available which are S, M and L, it costs you RM69 for it. Affordable? Hmm.... Might be for some shoppers. As for budget online shoppers, it totally depends on how much you want this shirt.

Here's something for the daredevils fashionistas. Again, the images are just a modelling. You can wear this shirt with other fashion pieces and it is not necessary for you to wear it THIS WAY. But, if you insist of doing so, it's your right though =P This shirt will cost you RM65 for it.

Here's the Dark Color Camo Chiffon Shirt. Now, this piece of artwork requires much more effort in finding matching pieces and accessories to go well with it, or you might end up making yourselves look older, or worst, look like an old great grandmother wondering on the street. With correct fashion pieces and suitable accessories, you will definitely be a blast. With RM69, it can be yours.

This will be my favorite piece of chiffon shirt. It looks bright, comfortable to wear on and it's easy to match with other fashion pieces. Wear it casually? Why not! Wear it for outing or shopping? Definitely! Love how to round spotty patterns work on the shirt, and how such simple features are able to bring a sense of feminine to this shirt. It costs RM65 like others, but yet I believe this one is worth investing on.

For more details on these chiffon shirts, do visit their blogshop:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tri Color Blocks Joint Dress is HERE!

What makes a dress looks like.... A DRESS? The tailoring of it? The perfect cutting of the entire dress? Or was it the perfect color combinations of a dress that can work along with the chemistry of the body? That's up to you fashionistas to decide what it is.

As for today, here's the Tri Color Blocks Joint Dress brought to you all by Dress Forever. What makes this dress so attractive that I wanted to review it to you shoppers? Well.... It's everything about it. The cutting, the tailoring along the edge of the dress as well as the shoulder line, and the perfect chemistry of three different colors available as the main feature of this dress. It's perfect for you to be worn casually, to work, or even to different party events. Wanted another double duty fashion pieces? This is the one that you should put in consideration.

With both blue and pink color available, such colors are perfect enough to make you look bright while carrying out your daily routine. Although the color is rather purplish to me than pink, but it's been described as pink from the blogshop owner and so I hope confusion is not being made here. With only RM35, it is really affordable even for budget shoppers, while buying in bulk will reduce the price to RM30 per piece!

For more details regarding this dress, do visit their blogshop:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dress of The DAY!

An amazingly tailored dress, which fabulous feature and perfect color matching, is what everyone is finding these days to wear for dinner and party event. This dress is brought to you shoppers by 61Seconds, a blogshop that linked up with us recently and I just found out that they are selling lots of affordable Taiwan and Korean style fashion pieces. Only available in red color, this dress consists of laced shoulder while the fabric of the main body of the dress consists of polyester fibre cotton. With only RM29.90, this dress can be yours to wear on an event you think it will matches with.

For more details, do visit their blogshop in the following link:
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