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Free Review?

Now, there's really lots and lots of blogshop in Malaysia alone... I know that, so do you blogshop owners. Even though some of the blogshop owners got really good piece of fashion that they wanted to introduce to our shoppers, however due to the growing of blogshops daily, it's hard for us to notice some nice pieces of fashion. So hereby, we created this section for you blogshop owners to get your item a chance for review, whereby blogshop owners who had confidence that their pieces of fashion they are selling able to attract us to display it to our shoppers!

In order to stand widen the chance of your blogshop fashion being reviewed and posted in our blog, please do the following steps and you might get your fashion into our shoppers attention in no time!

Email with the following format:

Subject: Something that might attract you

Content: Give us a simple description of what's fascinating about the fashion you think that might attract our shoppers attention! Don't forget to include the link or photo of the item!

Gmail: shoppers.network.enquiries@gmail.com
Hotmail: shoppers-network@hotmail.co.uk
(Do email to both addresses to ensure that your email reaches us)

Don't forget to link us back to your blogshop to show your support =)


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