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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Coach Optic Signature N/S Chain Duffle

Morning shoppers! Something for you all to start your day! This is the Coach Optic Signature N/S Chain Duffle brought to you all by 7th Heaven Boutique. What a lovely bag to bring along casually, either to your university, or meeting a friend for cup of tea! I just love the printing on the patent leather trim fabric, while the inside of it is having lots of multipockets for you to sort out your fabulous stuffs efficiently. Since this is a genuine bag, of course it's gonna cost more am I right? If it's for me, for handbag, I would rather buy a genuine one, as the quality of the bag really shows your personality =) It costs RM550 for this exclusive bag, so why not grab it if you are interested?

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kelly Sleeveless Chiffon Top!

Sorry shoppers! Just back home from a busy day! Here's the Kelly Sleeveless Chiffon Top brought to you all by Bon Voyage. The skirt is not included okay, so don't take it for granted =P Well... It's somehow attractive to me because, it's just... SIMPLE and CLEAN! Once in a while, fashionistas need to wear something clean, to really show their feminine side, rather than bling bling custome like fashion pieces which makes people only focus on your clothes rather than your true self! Best of all, it only cost RM45 for it, so why not get one for yourselves and put into your wardrobe collection!?

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

New Updates coming soon at We Dress You Up!

We Dress You Up is displaying their new fashion pieces a.k.a. new arrivals at the specific mentioned time. For frequent visitors of their blogshops or even for shoppers who just noticed them, do pay them a visit and who knows!? You might find something interesting there. I hope that there will be something for me to review on tomorrow on their new arrivals!

Pay them a visit! Visit them at:

Monday, October 29, 2012

H&M Inspired Chic Blazer

Morning shoppers! A quick review before I head to the university! Here's the H&M Inspired Chic Blazer brought to you all by Chic Valley. With quality material and the presence of three quarter unique sleeve with ruched detail, it sure look elegant when you wear it casually or even to work based on the choice of color you pick on. The fake front pocket tailored as design purpose is a common trend these days, and there's three color choices for you to glance through in their blogshop. For a blazer, it only cost RM79 for it, including poslaju delivery!

Interested? Get them now at:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Business in Reviewing! Clothes for Chics saves the Day!

Sorry shoppers! There isn't much time for me to really review on this fashion piece, as I'm preparing for the next exam paper! But I feel like I must share this amazing dress with you all. So here it is. It is brought to you all by Clothes for Chics. It costs RM52 for it. Although it looks kinda pricey, but if you really look in depth into the overall design including the cutting and tailoring, I bet you won't question the worth of the dress further.

For more details, do visit them at:

Sunday Starter: Off Shoulder Bandage Bodycon Dress!

This Off Shoulder Bandage Bodycon Dress is truly something worth to not just look at, but to put into consideration to add it to your wardrobe as well. It's only available in Wine Red color and Deep Pinkish Purple color, but it is the perfect color combination that make it worth every penny of having it. La Quinnox is bringing you shoppers this incredibly elegant piece of artwork, and with the price of RM129, you can have it all for yourselves. Yes I know it's rather expensive for online shopping, but hey, if you can find such dress with guaranteed quality and have it with a lower price, enlighten other shoppers okay? =)

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

Saturday, October 27, 2012

V body Hugging Dress

Start your weekend with some elegant and feminine piece of fashion, introducing to you shoppers the V body Hugging Dress, brought to you all by Le Optimistica Store. Needless to describe more since a Picture paint a thousand words. All features can be clearly seen from the image of the dress. Definitely a good choice for dinner plans or even party. It only cost RM30 for this luxurious looking dress, and totally affordable even for budget online shoppers!

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lady Laine's Jacket

Having trouble with what to wear to your workplace everyday? Needed something new to match your entire fashion line? Get this Lady Laine's Jacket now, brought to you all by Chardonnay's Dream. Being tailored and refined as a fashion piece to work, the neat tailoring and the presence of long sleeve just goes well with you while you're at work, looking professional and neat all the time. The color for this jacket is as described by the blogshop owner, having pale yellow-brown feature with golden button on it. It is not really something that you can buy straight without thinking, since the price of it is rather high for budget shoppers. It costs RM74 and if knowing what's new to wear to work really troubles you, then go ahead and enlighten yourselves with this jacket.

For more details, do visit them at:

MLF Pink Stripes Singlet Dress

Don't focus too much on the Hello Kitty okay? Although it's adorable but hey, it's the fashion wear we are talking about here! This MLF Pink Stripes Singlet Dress is one of its kind, brought to you all by Melody LOVE Fashion. Love how to strips work on the body, and how it actually show the body figure of a person, extending the feminine look of the person wearing it. With visible black zipper right in front which matches nicely with the pink and white strip, it is something worth to invest on. It only cost RM30 so it is most likely to be affordable to you shoppers right? =)

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

TGIF It's the Collared Blouse

Morning shoppers! I'm starting your favourite day, yup FRIDAY with this amazing Collared Blouse, brought to you all by Elfin Treats blogshop. Love the simplicity of the look of the blouse, yet still show some complexity in tailoring and elegant look while wearing it. It is having two different color combinations, which is the black piping as shown on upper left as well as the pointed color design shown on upper right. With just RM48, it can be yours shoppers!

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Casual Bohemian Dress

Going cultural? Wanted something to be worn casually? Here's the best piece of fashion for the day! Introducing to you all the Casual Bohemian Dress, brought to you all by theDresshanger. Elegant and brilliant fabric printing I've ever seen. The colors and patterns combination are just near to perfection. This dress is definitely something worth to invest on. It comes in two different colors combination printing so feel free to visit their blogshop for more details. It will only cost RM32 for it so why not? =)

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going England 2 way handbag

Going England 2 way Handbag is here now shoppers! Brought to you all by Shane's Handmade. Now, why is it called the 2 way handbag? It is because by just changing the length of the strip, you can change the way it functions, either as handbag, or even as a sling bag! Love the tailoring and just love the overall design and fabric printing of the entire handbag. Going out for daily activities? Wanted a handbag that can work as sling bag and use it casually? Don't miss this opportunity then by grabbing one of this! There's no price available on the blogshop, so do send an inquiry to them if you really want it. And again, shop safely and make online shopping the best place to get affordable fashion pieces!

For more details, do visit them at:

Sexy Deep V Jumpsuit

Starting the day with an elegant Sexy Deep V Jumpsuit, brought to you all by myDresshanger. Love the body hugging feature present on the jumpsuit, and really something that you really can wear to an event such as dinner! If sexiness is always the main option while you are choosing your fashion pieces, but then you don't want to go way too much beyond sexiness, then this is it. It only costs RM42 for this amazing piece of jumpsuit which I am sure is really affordable even for budget shoppers!

For further details, do visit them at:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Going All In with Ombre Bustier Bandage Dress

Here's the Ombre Bustier Bandage Dress brought to you all by La Quinnox. Love the entire color chemistry happening with the printing of the fabric, and how colors able to illustrate significant modern pattern and extend out the sexiness of an individual wearing it. As the quality is being guaranteed by the blogshop itself, it is of course compatible with the price. It will cost RM99 for this piece of artwork, and in my point of view, I can't really judge the price with this piece since to be honest, I'm not really the fan of bandage dress, but my shoppers out there might enjoy this dress and wanted them badly to be worn to party!

To pre-order, do visit them at:

3D Lace Floral Top

First of all, sorry for not reviewing yesterday! We're currently busy preparing for our final examination in our university. Today, I got some spare time so I just can't stop myself from missing you shoppers and start the review for today! Meet the 3D Lace Floral Top, brought to you all by Pick and Style. Some called this the fancy top, others called it the sexy top of the year. Well... It might just be both isn't it? Bringing out the feminine side of female really is the main point of this top. With the luxurious 3D pattern all over the top, one just can't resist from not putting an eye on you when you wear it! It costs RM56 for this amazing top and I sure that for this kind of top, it is totally worth it.

To order or for more details, do visit them at:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rojita Victorian Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Daring fashion sense are quite lacking in most of the fashionistas, as they tend to lean towards a rather conservative style. Not to say that it's bad, but to say that if you are really a fashionista, go ahead with more than one genre in your fashion life. That is why I'm here to review this Rojita Victorian Bell Sleeve Lace Dress. Now, why is it daring? Not because of the color, not because of the entire tailoring structure for the body, but the magnificant shaping of the sleeves. Bell sleeves are not common in most fashion pieces as it is quite hard to match with most designs and worst of all not everyone love to have a bell sleeves. In this dress, you can realised a different perspective the designer is trying to reach out to. The combination of lace at the neck and bell sleeves not only make this dress looks exclusive, but rather bring out an exotic feel for the person wearing it. Of course, this piece of fashion will not be cheap as it costs RM160 for it. Think wisely of what you really wanted to put into your wardrobe and shop happily =)

To purchase, do visit their blogshop at:

Flair Affair: Black Skater Skirt

The flair affair? Interesting. But what's more interesting will be this Black Skater Skirt brought to you by The Cherry Thingy. As the color is in black, it is quite easy for any fashionistas to find some top to match with this skirt. The design is rather simple, yet it is the simplicity of it that makes it simple to be match with almost any fashion pieces u got. Simplicity works its own chemistry with the wearer doesn't it? =) The skirt will only cost you RM39 for it. If simplicity is your cup of tea, go ahead as it is affordable I bet for you fashionistas and worth every penny.

To purchase, do visit them at:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long Sleeve Laced Chiffon Top!

For those who really love laced fashion piece, this might suit your taste! Here's the Long Sleeve Laced Chiffon Top brought to you all by Agape Boutique. Unfortunately it only comes in white color but this color really suit the design of this top. It has hidden zip feature at the back of it to ease the wearing of it. The part I love the most is not just the laced body, but the designing of the sleeve as well. It can be worn casually or even for some outdoor activities. It costs RM46 for it and it is quite affordable am I right? =)

To order, do visit them at:

New Arrival Coming Soon at Hutz Fashion Trading!

Hutz Fashion Trading blogshop has been showing lots of good fashion pieces to my shoppers that visited me over and over again for the past weeks. And so, when I found out that their new arrival is coming soon, I just can't help myself to post this review to notify my favorite shoppers about this great news! Stay tuned at their blogshop on 22/10/2012 for their new arrival stocks! I really hope that they can amaze me as well as my shoppers here with some up to trend fashion!

Stay tuned at their blogshop for their new arrival at:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Linen Vintage Dress

Here's the Linen Vintage Dress brought to you all by Moca Boutique. Here's the thing, most of the people especially youngsters these days just keep on focusing on mostly korean and taiwan fashion sense that they've forgotten what's the feeling of having some vintage sense once in a while. For fashionistas out there, the balancing of fashion is crucial to keep yourselves in style and be different from others. That is why I am reviewing this lovely vintage dress to you shoppers. Love the fabric printing and how the pattern works well with the cutting of the dress. With such vintage printing it sure comes with a price. This dress will costs you RM79 for it. If you are interested and really wanted to be different from others, you can op for this dress and start your fashion day with something extraordinary.

To purchase or for more info, do visit them at:

Button Playsuit for the Day!

Start your Friday with Button Playsuit brought to you all by Collars & Colours. It's been ages since I noticed a lookable and likeable playsuit! This one just matches perfectly with lovely tailoring and color chemistry. Either the model is just amazing, or this is really one piece of lovely fashion piece! It comes with 4 different colors so don't worry if blue is not your cup of tea. It will run well if you with any color you love I'm sure about that =) This playsuit will only cost you fashionistas RM66. Now, some people might question the word ONLY. But hey, since when you find a decent playsuit that you really can fall in love into can consider buying it? If it did cross your mind that you should buy, then the price should be reasonable.

To purchase, do visit them at:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sleeveless Chiffon Dress for Dinner

This Sleeveless Chiffon Dress is brought to you all by Lavia Couture. The cutting at the edge of the dress is simply amazing, though simple. Love how the strips are being tailored forming magnificant pattern which makes a possibly boring dress into such interesting looking piece of art. Having a body hugging feature and visible waistline fitting, it sure is the choice of fashionistas out there. Get it now if you are interested and wear it casually or even for dinner! It just costs you RM45 for this dress =)

To order, do visit them at:

Lovely Ribbon Dress by Trendz Fashionz

Is it a top they are trying to sell? Or are they focusing on the skirt? I have no idea at first though. The blogshop didn't give that much info regarding their fashion pieces that they are trying to sell. There's not even price tag for this piece of dress. Yup... I just mentioned that it's a dress. This lovely dress is brought to you all by Trendz Fashionz. Either they are just showing what's coming next on their blogshop, or they forgot to put any description on it. Well... I'm reviewing it not because of anything else, but because I wanted my shoppers who visited back here daily to know what's hot on online blogshops today. You probably able to find a similar dress in other blogshops while you are browsing on the left side links. If you really are interested in this dress, you can just visit their blogshop with the link below.

Anyway, let's focus back on the dress. Lovely ribbon on the waistline, being cute and having feminine look at the same time is really what we look into these days. Well... Some of you out there might not love the way it's being sleeveless, but the chemistry of it will just work on you as soon as you wear it, that's the thing I'm sure about.

For more info regarding this dress, do visit them at:

Sukey Medium Hobo Bag

This is the Sukey Medium Hobo Bag brought to you all by The Bag Galore. Just love how the pattern interacts with the color combinations. Giving it a double duty properties, this is surely a bag that you can bring out for your daily activities. It is made out of PU material and canvas, and come in three different colors which are black, white and pink. It costs RM75 for this piece of art and it is worth it even for budget shoppers out there am I right? =)

To order, do visit them at:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Aztec Dress?

Another aztec dress for me to review on? I mean, I think you shoppers out there should know why I said so. For an aztec dress to really look good, the color chemistry and the tailoring must really work well with each other am I right? Found this amazing piece of aztec dress brought to you shoppers by Bluey Joyce Online Boutique. This is the Isabella Aztec Printing Tube Flared Dress. Really love the tailoring at the edge of the dress. Its fabric is high stretched cotton, guaranteeing the quality of the dress by the blogshop itself based on how they described it. It's not that cheap though for this dress but I understand why is it since the material quality is high. It costs RM50 and available in two colors which are Violet and Pastel Blue.

Fall in love with aztec dress? Do visit them at:

Basic Casual Blazer

Needing a blazer for work, or for your presentation back in your university? Here's the Basic Casual Blazer brought to you all by Stardust Rays blogshop. Now, the word "Casual" in the name of the blazer doesn't really mean that it is only meant to be worn casually, but rather it means that it is able to be worn casually as well, get it? It has a very simple and neat cutting as you can see, and comes with two colors, black and white.

The material used for this blazer is cotton and it will only cost you RM48 for it. Get one now and start your own fashion matching session right in front of your mirror!

To order, do visit them at:

Lacey Mini Skirt

This is the Lacey Mini Skirt brought to you all by The Trendlovin'. Having the lace pattern tailored at the edge of the skirt really brings out a whole new trend to a somewhat outdated skirt design. This skirt comes in two colors, white and black. Due to its amazing design and workable chemistry done by the designer, the quality of the skirt will surely being ensure as well. However, for budget online shoppers, this skirt will not be an option for you all out there but for fashionistas, this mini skirt will costs RM89.

To purchase, do visit their blogshop at:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lacey Edge Cardigan for the Day!

Falling in love with cardigan? Well... I think I'm about to. Swiped through lots and lots of blogshops today, and found this amazing cardigan in Dr.Enchante blogshop. Here's the Lacey Edge Cardigan brought to you shoppers! I just love how to lace actually works its own chemistry around the edge of the cardigan, giving out the feminine look for whoever wearing it. It comes in three different colors, which are white, black and blue.

It looks simple and yet the tailoring of it seems rather complicated, and this is what it meant by Fashion, simple yet clean. It will costs you shopper RM33 for this cardigan, and it is totally affordable even for online budget shoppers am I right? =)

To order or for more details, do visit them at:

Elegant V Neck Dress

Afternoon shoppers! =) Found the time to review something for you all and this is what I've chosen for you shoppers to look into! Introducing to you all the V-neck Dress brought by Rock Attitude Boutique. Recapturing what's its like to wear this dress like a hollywood star makes my heart itch for it again. This dress comes with the lovely sky blue waist belt to really create an all fit waistline and present your body shape. With such elegant design with lots of chemistry in it with the fabric, great sacrifices must be made in some aspect, in this case it will be the price. Sorry for online budget shoppers but this dress actually cost RM115. However, if you are fashionistas and really wanted to look good everyday of your life, do put this dress into your wardrobe option =)

To order this lovely dress, do visit them at:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lovely Stripped Dress

Lovely Stripped Dress brought to you all by Brain-Braun-Beauty blogshop. It comes with both light blue and  dark blue with the combination of white strip, making it workable and able to carry double duty for you when you are out for your daily activities, both day and night.

Look how elegant the dress is and imagine how it really works when you worn it! The material for this dress is mainly cotton, and it will only cost you RM34 for it. Wear it to work or dinner and keep yourselves up to trend now!

To purchase, do visit their blogshop at:

Lovely Heels for the Day!

I know I know! It's Monday and it's the day every working individuals hate so much! No worries shoppers, here's something to cheer you up and remind you what are you working for! Work hard for fashion ain't a bad choice am I right? =) This Charming High Heels is brought to you all by ShoesHaven. It's only available in dark blue color, but I think it's this color that makes it looks nice am I right? It will cost you RM52 for it, and if there's more high heels or shoes you would like to find out to match your current favourite fashion pieces, you can visit their blogshop for more choices!

To purchase, do visit them at:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ribro Skinny

Sorry shoppers! Not really having time to review this in detail cause I'm rushing my assignment. Please bear with me a few days okay? =)


material : chiffon
shoulder : 38cm
sleeve : 26cm
length : 60cm
bust : 104-116cm

green - available
yellow - available

note : crochet collar top with back button :)

To purchase, do visit them at:

Sleeveless Bodycon Dress with Laced Shoulder

Shoppers, here you go! Introducing you all the Sleeveless Bodycon Dress with Laced Shoulder brought to you all by Yours Truly Fashion blogshop =) This brilliant engineered dress has the fusion of mesh-lace effect with chrochet on the shoulder as well as upper back of it. Having a figure hugging cut, this certainly will go well with your beautiful body isn't it shoppers? It will cost you RM45 for this piece of brilliant dress so why not?

To place an order, do visit them at:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lovely Accessories for the week!

Some lovely accessories to you shoppers before I hit the bed, been spending too much time in the library and am really exhausted cause of that =( This lovely accessories is brought to you all by Jasz's Jewelry Box. I had been reviewing mainly clothings these few weeks so it's best for me to review some accessories since fashion not just limited to clothing lines am I right? Sadly to say, there's not much details about this accessories being provided by the blogshop owner, but then hey, if you are interested, just drop by their blogshop and ask for more details right? =)

For more info, do visit them at:

Glittery Top might be your cup of Tea?

Start my day by reviewing a glittery top! Here's the Edgy Glittery Top brought to you all by Trendy Bellaz! Perfect in its own way with the printed pattern and color matching, it's easy to be matched with shorts and jeans and worn out casually to anywhere you want! It costs RM35 and this top can be yours soon!

Why wait? Visit them now at:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ordinary from Front, Special from Behind!

Here's the Skater Dress again for you shoppers! No idea why but I really love reviewing skater dress these days, and they are quite a good selling fashions these days on blogshops. Now, it looks ordinary from front, but wait till you see what's behind this dress.

It's the laced shoulder that makes this dress looks adorable, isn't it!? It's pre-order item brought to you all by Petite. Costing RM60 and comes in various sizes, why don't get one for yourselves right shoppers? =)

To pre-order, do visit them at:

Some Cute Bag for the Day!

TGIF? Not really for me as I'm still busy preparing myself for my final exam. Here's something cute for yourselves! A cute Duckie Bag Pack for you to bring out and shine out your cuteness! It's lovely and adorable.

This bag pack costs only RM55, and you can bring it out for vacation and outings! Best match will be casual wear. Even budget shoppers out there should be able to afford one right? =)

Get this cute bag pack now at:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ASOS Skater Dress with Scalloped Back

Here's another ASOS Skater Dress for you shoppers who love this kind of fashion so much, and this time it's with scalloped back. The cleanliness of the colors used as the fabric in designing this dress is just perfect, showing a sense of purity and femininity for those wearing it. It comes with two colors, red and apple green. Well, this is an ASOS dress so the price of it will be quite high. For shoppers who really interested in buying it, it will costs you RM129 for the dress. But hey, fashion do come with a price right? =)

Interested in purchasing? Visit them at:

Keep in touch with Current Korean Fashion Trend

Evening shoppers! Something new for all of you out there. An Elegant Dress brought to you all by Varieties Shops again! Just love the korean fashion they are selling to their shoppers, and they are really doing a good job introducing to shoppers in Malaysia Korean Fashion which up to date. This dress comes in three different colors as you can see, and will only cost you shoppers RM36 including free postage!

Wait no more. Visit them at:

A nice piece of skirt a day keep your fashion on date

"A nice piece of skirt a day keep your fashion on date", a quote by Shoppers Network to all of you shoppers out there =) Morning shoppers! Here's Miss Anna's Skirt brought to you all by Chardonnay's Dream blogshop. It's a perfect skirt designed mainly for your office wear, and with the belted waistline and pleated details, what more can you ask for? Especially the price for this skirt will only costs you RM39 which inclusive delivery charges within Peninsula Malaysia!

Wait no more! Start your work with this skirt at:

Korean Fashion Promotion by Pico Moda

Pico Moda, being rather a brand itself by selling ranges of women apparels is what makes them one of the successful blogshop in the internet. Focusing more into korean fashion, they are able to provide online budget shoppers with the up to date fashion with affordable price you can never imagine!

The price of the new products above range from RM24 to RM41, giving the opportunities for all budget shoppers to really get into shopping mood and shop out of it!

What makes a blogshop successful? Or let me put it this way. What makes any blog successful. Constant update! Pico Moda is able to do so as a fashion blogshop, with constant update delay of only 30minutes, they are able to bring you new fashion twice in an hour! With more than 5000 products available in their blogshop, how can you fail to find the korean fashion that you want!? Not to mention the good customer services they are providing to you shoppers!

As for their October Promotion, they are giving out up to 30% discount for every purchase of various items in the blogshop! And the best part is, there will be free shipping across Malaysia!

Do visit them and shop your way out of it at: Pico Moda (Click Here)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A simple Cardigan for Casual Wear!

Sorry shoppers! The review for these coming two weeks will not be that long as I'm currently preparing for my final exam! Here's for you all before I hit the bed (Too tired staying in uni for the whole day), a simple cardigan for you shoppers brought by Trendz Fashionz.

It's simple, it's comfy and it's easy to match with other fashion easily as its color is not that bright nor dark. There's no detail about how much this cardigan gonna cost, if you are interested in buying do visit their blogshop and find out more from them!

For more info regarding this cardigan, do visit them at:
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