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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cacharel like?

First of all to all chinese shoppers like me, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all of you! Yes, time passed by real quick somehow and yet fashion changes pretty quick as well! The fashion I would like to introduce to you all will be the Lyrical Botanical Popover Top with Bermuda Shorts Set. Designed by Ling Liu and Dawei Sun's for Cacharel. This set of fashion is more into casual, and yet shine out to be a charming piece of fashion. It's a combination of lyrical botanical print on a popover top and Bermuda short set. Yes indeed, buying this piece of art is gonna really hurt my shoppers =( but not worries! As I browse through blogshops, I finally found a piece similar to the Cacharel fashion piece! =)

Although the color being sold is rather different from the true Cacharel set, but there are similarities in the pattern of the printed top! And best of all, it's affordable! With just RM45 you will be able to try out this piece of top! This top is being sold by Let's Go Nah!, a rather creative name for a blogshop as you can tell, and come with two different colors, black and white top. Both colors is having a different printed pattern, so be sure to make up your mind to go for which color you want shoppers!

For further info or to purchase the Cacharel like Top, do visit:
Let's go NAH! (Click Here)
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