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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Say Hello to Envelope Bag!

Browsing through lots and lots of blogshops today, as I need to refresh myself not of what's in style today, but yet what are the changes blogshops are bringing towards their own fashion paradise. I noticed this type of bag while I was window shopping few days back, and really fall in love to this kind of bag, too bad the one I saw is way too expensive >.<

But hey, it's not really about me we are focusing on, it's about the bag! Yup! This envelope bag caught my attention, and the price as well. Well, don't expect much from RM53 bag though. It is best for everyone of you shoppers to be sure whether you really want it or not, as I'm only helping shoppers to find something affordable and in style! If you really wanted an envelope bag with guarantee quality, then this post will just be adding up your confidence in buying an expensive one in any branded shopping mall nearby! Who can resist such bag! The design is simply.... Fabulous!

For shoppers who are interested in this bag, they come in both black and white color! Do visit the following blogshop for future inquiries. Do remember, a shopper who ask questions smartly and in detail is a smart shopper! XD

RM53 Envelope Bag only at: Bolsterstore (Click Here)
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