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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sorry! We are back online!

So so so so sorry that we had been missing in action such a long period of time! We caught up with our own life so badly that we totally forgot about the existence of this blog. There's some new partners for this blog now, so CHEERS! =)

For all the subscribers who subscribed in our ads partnership, no worries! We are going to extend all existing ads for 1 month! Yup! THAT'S right! 1 whole MONTH!

We will be bringing you shoppers with what we think is on the trend now among all online blogshops that had been subscribing and linked up with us! For online blogshop owners who wished to link up with us! Just email us at shoppers-network@live.co.uk. CHEERS!

Shoppers! Once again, we are back for more shopping!
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