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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lace Jacket Hoodle is here!

Longing for a lacy jacket? Wanted to add one now into your fashion collection, yet can't find it else where? Here's the Lace Jacket Hoodle brought to you all by XOXO Boutique. It's been quite some time I reviewed anything on jacket since, to find a very decent and stylish jacket, it's harder than it thought! Love how the zipper actually matches with the entire lacy feature of the jacket, and the presence of hood adds up the feminine style of the entire jacket itself.

The jacket which comes in both black and white widen up your choices while you are picking on it to match your own other fashion pieces. It costs only RM48 so it is totally affordable even by you budget shoppers!

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:
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