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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lady Faith's Top for YOUR Weekend?

Afternoon shoppers! Just dyed my hair and had a haircut so there's no post early in the morning, sorry about that >.< Thinking of what to wear for outing or shopping during the weekend, especially today? PS. There's no special event today publicly XD Here's the Lady Faith's Top brought to you all by Chardonnay's Dream. Sleeveless and lacey shoulder and neckline is the main feature for this top, and the tailoring for the strip effect really brings out more about this top.

Here's how it looks without model wearing it, and as you can notice, there's the presence of pearl button for this top, earning addition points of review from me of course! It only RM75 for this top, ain't cheap, yet ain't expensive for this particular design and tailoring masterpiece.

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