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Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Color Blocks Oversize Long Sleeve Top Blouse

Like I mentioned earlier on in previous posts, casual wears are something rather confusing to find than fashion wears for other general events. To find a stylish, simple yet comfortable and up to date casual wears is not easy at all. Here's the Vintage Color Blocks Oversize Long Sleeve Top Blouse brought to you all by Melody LOVE Fashion. Tailored mainly using Australian Cotton, it is comfy due to its oversize feature, and at the same time makes you looks feminine with the perfect color combination.

Here's the three color combinations available in their blogshop, and certainly you will be able to find one which suit your taste. It only cost RM30 for this casual wear. Stay in style, up to date and comfortable now with this fashion piece!

For more details, do visit their blogshop at:
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