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Friday, November 23, 2012

Miss Selfridge Inspired Flare Dress

Needed a fashion piece which is able to multitasking for you for various events, both day and night? Here's the Miss Selfridge Inspired Flare Dress brought to you all by Collars & Colours. With 4 different colours available according to your own fashionista's perspectives, this dress is somehow a MUST HAVE if you really want something in your wardrobe that can help you multitasking in your appearance once in a while, especially when you have the need to rush to several events in a day with limited time of preparation! It costs RM77 for this multitasking flare dress, so why not? Instead of splitting up the money the get several dresses and having hard time finding one that suits your taste, this will be one of the best option for you today!

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