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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Basic Button Chiffon Blouse Going Double Duty

This Basic Button Chiffon Blouse is now on sale at Loveheart E-house blogshop. With three colors available, chances for you to find one that suit yourselves are high. Now, the three colors not only mend for color choices this time, but rather the event symbolic that it can be sensed on once you wear it.

This white color blouse can be worn casually while you are having a simple outing, or even being able to wear it to work, of course with the right matching of other fashion pieces. Being able to do a double duty for you, it is a must have piece of artwork that should be added into your collection.

While as for this brown color blouse, I bet most of you won't wear it casually, but mostly will be wearing it to work or other events. As this color able to show the feminine side of the person wearing it, having it while going for dinner or party will be your additional option soon.

This is the color I love most! Imagine wearing this piece of blouse to work, it just makes you looks professional! That's my personal thought though =P

These blouses are on sale only for RM38, and definitely within the range of most budget shoppers isn't it?

For more details, do visit their blogshop:
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