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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Knitted Sweater is HERE! Ready Up for your Winter Vacation!

I know what you shoppers are thinking right when you see this sweater image. Why am I reviewing a sweater where most of the shoppers are from Malaysia and it's summer all day long here right? Well hey, it's December, it means that most of you are probably ready up yourselves for vacation overseas am I right? I myself am going to Japan this coming 25th December so I think this is the best time to ready up yourselves, get ready your own stylish sweater, and present it to people when you are in their countries and tell them with the fashion pieces you got hey.... I am trendy like you all as well! This Knitted Sweater is brought to you all by On Mondays.

Available in both RED and BLACK as shown above, this sweater is just so right to wear them on especially when Christmas approaches! It looks simple and yet the color combination with the patterns presented on it just makes you wanted to grab one now and pack and go right on for your vacation. With only RM52, it can be yours now!

For more details on this sweater, you can find info about it here:
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