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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tri Color Blocks Joint Dress is HERE!

What makes a dress looks like.... A DRESS? The tailoring of it? The perfect cutting of the entire dress? Or was it the perfect color combinations of a dress that can work along with the chemistry of the body? That's up to you fashionistas to decide what it is.

As for today, here's the Tri Color Blocks Joint Dress brought to you all by Dress Forever. What makes this dress so attractive that I wanted to review it to you shoppers? Well.... It's everything about it. The cutting, the tailoring along the edge of the dress as well as the shoulder line, and the perfect chemistry of three different colors available as the main feature of this dress. It's perfect for you to be worn casually, to work, or even to different party events. Wanted another double duty fashion pieces? This is the one that you should put in consideration.

With both blue and pink color available, such colors are perfect enough to make you look bright while carrying out your daily routine. Although the color is rather purplish to me than pink, but it's been described as pink from the blogshop owner and so I hope confusion is not being made here. With only RM35, it is really affordable even for budget shoppers, while buying in bulk will reduce the price to RM30 per piece!

For more details regarding this dress, do visit their blogshop:
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