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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chiffon Shirts Showcase!

It's common to spot chiffon shirts on blogshops. Yes... It is easy. But, it is hard to find chiffon shirts that are up to date, stylish and affordable! Today, we are going to present to you various chiffon shirts which are currently on sales on Rock Attitude Boutique, as their new updates are ALL about chiffon shirts.

Starting the review with this Floral Chiffon Shirt. Yes, it might seems old fashion to most of you shoppers as those granny looking shirt. With the right fashion pieces and accessories matching with it, it's going to be a blast when you are wearing it. It depends on how you wear it, where are you wearing it, and how you define the shirt based on your own fashion perspective. With three sizes available which are S, M and L, it costs you RM69 for it. Affordable? Hmm.... Might be for some shoppers. As for budget online shoppers, it totally depends on how much you want this shirt.

Here's something for the daredevils fashionistas. Again, the images are just a modelling. You can wear this shirt with other fashion pieces and it is not necessary for you to wear it THIS WAY. But, if you insist of doing so, it's your right though =P This shirt will cost you RM65 for it.

Here's the Dark Color Camo Chiffon Shirt. Now, this piece of artwork requires much more effort in finding matching pieces and accessories to go well with it, or you might end up making yourselves look older, or worst, look like an old great grandmother wondering on the street. With correct fashion pieces and suitable accessories, you will definitely be a blast. With RM69, it can be yours.

This will be my favorite piece of chiffon shirt. It looks bright, comfortable to wear on and it's easy to match with other fashion pieces. Wear it casually? Why not! Wear it for outing or shopping? Definitely! Love how to round spotty patterns work on the shirt, and how such simple features are able to bring a sense of feminine to this shirt. It costs RM65 like others, but yet I believe this one is worth investing on.

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