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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Celebration 20% Discount by KoreaWardrobe!

Afternoon shoppers! Went for window shopping just now, and really enjoy it with my friends! It's Thursday, yea I know nothing really special as all of you shoppers who are working still need to work, but HEY, Friday is coming so just bear with it! Here's something to ease your pain of working =)

Well... This post is not focusing only on one fashion pieces, but several since it's the Christmas Celebration 20% Discount brought to you shoppers by KoreaWardrobe. As you all know, Christmas is approaching! Jingle bell~ Jingle bell~ Jingle all the WAY! As part of the celebration, they are going to put up THREE new fashion pieces while suit the Christmas theme on 20% discount for you all!

Lovely pieces of fashion aren't they? Wanted to get funky? Wanted to get into the mood of Christmas with some shopping? Here's the right price, and with the right price! Great isn't it?

With these fashion pieces ranging from RM20 to RM25 ONLY, what could possibly go wrong!? Now even for budget shoppers, you can enjoy your Christmas the right way and with your way as well.

For more details regarding this promotion, do head on to their blogshop:
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