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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pay Day Week EVENT!

First of all, sorry shoppers for not having any reviews on Christmas Day, as we are celebrating Christmas the whole day in Korea! Yes... Believe it or not, we are in Korea now, having our vacation. No worries, we will still be checking our emails and reviewing for you all.

Now, it is a day after Christmas now. The best part of most of you shoppers who are working now is that, you all will be getting your pay and even BONUS! With such awesome day coming to you soon, PinknProper blogshop will be having their December Pay Day Week EVENT!

From 25th December 2012 till 30th December 2012, there will be RM5 off as well as FREE postage with every purchase of new in items! What are you waiting for shoppers! Take a look on their blogshop, and discover something that might attract you.

For more details on this event, visit their blogshop now:
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