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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dorothy Perkins Hearts Printed Shrug!

Wednesday Bargain is up shoppers at PinknProper blogshop! This Dorothy Perkins Hearts Printed Shrug is brought to you all and there's offer now at this blogshop for 24hours ONLY! Do note that this shrug is authentic as it's imported from United Kingdom itself as mentioned by the blogshop owner.

While most of the shoppers will say this is rather a daring printing of hearts, fashionistas will definitely agree with me that this is what we should be looking at now as THIS is the trend today. Lovely color combinations enable the fashion piece to look bright and clean at the same time, yet able to handle a double duty for it's owner, both day and night. During the offer period, shoppers are able to purchase this shrug for only RM49 inclusive COURIER DELIVERY! That's whole lot cheaper from it's retail price of RM89 previously!

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