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Friday, December 7, 2012

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE* Promotion

Sorry shoppers as I only post my first post of the day this late! Been busy with church events lately and been practicing caroling all day long! I just can't wait for Christmas to come! How about you shoppers?

Okay... Enough of my personal update XD Now, budget online shoppers tend to get attracted when certain blogshops promoting their brilliant fashion pieces with certain discount rate. But, what about this Buy 2 Get 1 FREE* promotion? Tempting isn't it!?

For this event, as described by the image above extracted from their blogshops, free item MUST be EQUAL or LESS than the item you purchased and only applicable to ready stock items. This event will be going on at this blogshop for the entire month, how's that sound now!

For more details on this Christmas Promotion, do visit their blogshop:
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