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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lovely Ribbon Dress by Trendz Fashionz

Is it a top they are trying to sell? Or are they focusing on the skirt? I have no idea at first though. The blogshop didn't give that much info regarding their fashion pieces that they are trying to sell. There's not even price tag for this piece of dress. Yup... I just mentioned that it's a dress. This lovely dress is brought to you all by Trendz Fashionz. Either they are just showing what's coming next on their blogshop, or they forgot to put any description on it. Well... I'm reviewing it not because of anything else, but because I wanted my shoppers who visited back here daily to know what's hot on online blogshops today. You probably able to find a similar dress in other blogshops while you are browsing on the left side links. If you really are interested in this dress, you can just visit their blogshop with the link below.

Anyway, let's focus back on the dress. Lovely ribbon on the waistline, being cute and having feminine look at the same time is really what we look into these days. Well... Some of you out there might not love the way it's being sleeveless, but the chemistry of it will just work on you as soon as you wear it, that's the thing I'm sure about.

For more info regarding this dress, do visit them at:
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