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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Banana Mustard? Or Banana Republic? =P

Morning shoppers! This morning is a little different from yesterday, as I'm not reviewing while taking my breakfast for today. Instead, I'm reviewing right after I woke up just now! Found this promotion last night, I know I know... I should tell you shoppers about this promotion earlier on, but I was too tired last night so do forgive me. Hey, at least I still post it right? =P

Alright back to the topic. This is the sales ongoing in Banana Mustard. First of all, nice interesting blogshop name! It reminds me of Banana Republic. Yup... If you had visited Banana Mustard long before we started this review blog, you should noticed this promotion since they came out with notification to remind shoppers to stay tuned their blogshop for this promotion. No?
See! I told you they put out notification! Well... It looks like a clearance sale to me, but who cares! As long as the items are affordable to our budget shoppers, and of course with the condition that the fashion piece are not out to date and up to trend, we will expose them to our shoppers! Shoppers, here's the deal. Each item for RM35, 2 items for RM65 and 3 items for RM95. You might be asking this now... Are they serious!? Yes, I believe they are serious about the price. What are you shoppers waiting for? Oh ya you are waiting for me to post the link =P

Here you go, grab anything that you want at:
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