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Friday, October 5, 2012

Are you a Daring Fashionista?

Before I post any image, I would like to clarify one thing. The word DARING being used is not how crazy you can act, but rather how's the limit of you dressing up yourself! Okay, I would firstly admit that I am not that kind of person who really love to expose my waist, not because I got an ugly waistline okay! No worries I am UK4 girl so don't too surprised by  that =P Anyway, I just don't really love doing so. I know, lots of you fashionistas are okay with it, but that just not me! =) For you who love doing so, here's a gift for you all.

Sexy isn't it? =) Probably you will wear it to party, or dinner, or some of you might even wear it to work! With the cut in at the shoulder and waistline, this Andreana Cut-in Dress just works fine with your body shape! Not to mention having a functional button right behind the back of the neck probably acts as a hidden feature for you girls who are keeping long hair like me =) This dress costs RM59, not that cheap but yet not that expensive. It is still within my online shopping budget range though. How about you shoppers?

To find out more about this dress and to purchase, do visit:
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