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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Going England 2 way handbag

Going England 2 way Handbag is here now shoppers! Brought to you all by Shane's Handmade. Now, why is it called the 2 way handbag? It is because by just changing the length of the strip, you can change the way it functions, either as handbag, or even as a sling bag! Love the tailoring and just love the overall design and fabric printing of the entire handbag. Going out for daily activities? Wanted a handbag that can work as sling bag and use it casually? Don't miss this opportunity then by grabbing one of this! There's no price available on the blogshop, so do send an inquiry to them if you really want it. And again, shop safely and make online shopping the best place to get affordable fashion pieces!

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