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Friday, October 5, 2012

Oversized Vintage Blouse Revived!

Shoppers, oversized fashion is so last year? You are wrong! As I mentioned in earlier review post, fashion comes and goes everyday, even in hours, but yet fashion can be revived, with some changes in tailoring and some extra rocket science, they will be back! So here it is I'm introducing to you shoppers this evening, an Oversized Vintage Blouse.

Now, plain color might not interest some of the shoppers, especially when it comes to white. But, color can tell what kind of personality you are. White used to symbolized kindness, and a fresh beginning. In some part of the world, white symbolized purification of thoughts and actions! As for me, fashion pieces in white can do lots of style combination. Oh ya. You might think that the blogshop is only selling that blouse, but wait! They are selling the Woodland Skirt as well! I love the chemistry going on with the fabric printing of the skirt. Now here's the case, you can get yourself a very nicely tailored oversized blouse, and you don't need to worry how to do some combination of style since they are selling the woodland skirt as well =)

AnyLove is a blogshop that I found while browsing through, again.... Our sisters' site. Okay, here come's the part that will always interest you all. What is the price? TELL US! Ready up girls! It's RM40 ONLY for the blouse and RM39 for the skirt. Interested? I bet some of you are!

For more info or to purchase, do visit them at:
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