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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not the Coffee, but the Blouse!

Not the bag, not the sunglasses, not the coffee, but the blouse! I'm not really feeling well while reviewing today, so I gonna make this review pretty short, but no that short as you expected =P Hope you shoppers understand that. Only available in dark blue, this Long Button Blouse really caught my attention out of so many items the Stardust Rays is selling in her blogshop! The toiloring might look simple from the front view, but from the backview, it's really something else.

If you think that this blouse is too plain and boring, think about when you see this. I love the cutting of the blouse, and how easy for it to blend with a simple top. With few accessories and the right fashion to match with it, it's gonna make you looks elegant all day long! Ops... Was gonna end this review post until I realised that I haven't mention the price of it. It's RM39 for such a lovely blouse, so for budget shoppers out there, don't ask yourself too much questions which making you to doubt whether to buy it or not, just shop with your 1st instinct!

To purchase, do visit their blogshop at:
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