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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kick start with Long Sleeve Lacey Blouse

It's Saturday morning. Well... I scheduled this post to be posted at 9:00a.m. because it's Saturday and I wanted to sleep MORE! Hey... We rest to walk for a longer journey right? For those who got up their bed so soon, taking their breakfast while reading what's new here, here it is. A Long Sleeve Two Pieces Lacey Blouse to kick start your day! =)

A nicely tailored body hugging blouse, do match well with a pair of jeans. With cotton as the inner blouse and lacey designed outer blouse, it just makes you feel good with it! It comes with two colors, white and black, and suitable to be worn either to work or wear it casually. Either way, it only cost you shoppers RM45 for this blouse.

Here's the black color blouse. Looking good as well! =) Pair this piece of blouse with a black skirt and you are good to go for work! It's elegant, it's simple and best of all, it's stylish!

To purchase this long sleeve blouse, do visit them at:
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