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Friday, October 5, 2012

TGIF starting your day with Cardigan

First of all shoppers, as always, MORNING! Secondly, don't get me wrong that I'm starting my day with some pretty model =P Seriously, I seems to enjoy being out of topic when I started one.

Here's something to start on Friday, since most of you will be like me later evening, posting on Facebook with the same word... TGIF! Right? Bringing you shoppers Cardigan to start your day, with LACE. Yup! As you can see, the design is pretty fascinating, having lace at the shoulder area really brings out the sexiness of the model, and I believe it works on every one of you as well =) Properly tailored with amazing engineering on the lace really brings up the elegant side of every girl who wore it. I love to wear this to dinner or even party though. For you shoppers who are working, seriously, get this! But hey, why stop with the black one since there's another charming combination of white lace and pink fabric!

Now, this is lovely. I love how the white lace actually matches the pink fabric the cardigan is having! As for the price, seriously? Still thinking ONLY at the price after looking at the design? Here you go then. IT ONLY COST RM35! So what's more to ask right!?

Don't wait any longer. Purchase them at:
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