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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Color Block Panel Dress

Before I get to my bed (Gonna be early tonight since I'm not feeling well), it's been a while  that I haven't seen any decent color block dress. I mean, there's lots of color block dress around the internet and around any fashion shops that you'd visited, but most of the color combinations are just so.... Not in style! I hope you shoppers out there know what I meant by that. The color combination chemistry must be right for this kind of fashion!

Here's the last post for the day, a Color Block Panel Dress with good chemistry brought to you all by Petite. Well, there's three different color combinations of such block dress on sales in their blogshop. This is just one of it. If you really having interest in getting one of these dresses, it only gonna cost you RM45. Do note that it's a pre-order though. Here's the other color combination of green!

To pre-order the Color Block Panel Dress, do visit them at:
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