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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mother of Pearl by Sin Miedo?

"Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete": John 16:24

Hi shoppers! Good evening! another post right before I go on with my dinner plan, since it's my friend's birthday! Oh no.... I'm out of topic once again!

Fashion comes and goes away everyday! But some of them will be revived, just by the change of color. Noticed the image above? It is one of brilliant pieces of fashion from the Mother of Pearl collection designed by Simeti. Now, unlike other fashion designers where most of their fashion require lots of engineering, Simeti's wallpaper printing does not require any of it! His collection is basically brilliant as of how they are being tailored. The baroque quality of his printing made the entire collection really well suited, from the simple floor length skirt to ruffled dress.

Well... I really want this piece of ART badly, so trying my luck in blogshops, putting some hope in searching for what looks similar to this collection. I don't really love the long sleeve and the coloring of the dress by Simeti though, might be too dark for me and the long sleeve just doesn't work right with me! And then, I received email from one of the blogshop owner who really really make my day!
Here's the Printed Dress by Sin Miedo! Thanks girl for making my day! Now, this is the color that I love to see on the Mother of Pearl Collection, and without the sleeve, it's just perfect! Yes, indeed there's another darker version of the Printed Dress by Sin Miedo as well, but since I don't like it I'm not gonna post it! =P KIDDING!
Now back to you shoppers. This is the part that I know really matters to you all. What's THE PRICE!? Cut the crap and just tell us THE PRICE! Right? Alright... Surprisingly, the dress will only cost RM59! It should be affordable to you shoppers am I right? Especially those with budget limits. BUT WAIT... Sin Miedo is telling me that they are having clearance sales! I'm not going to tell you all the offer here =P

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