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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Elegant V Neck Dress

Afternoon shoppers! =) Found the time to review something for you all and this is what I've chosen for you shoppers to look into! Introducing to you all the V-neck Dress brought by Rock Attitude Boutique. Recapturing what's its like to wear this dress like a hollywood star makes my heart itch for it again. This dress comes with the lovely sky blue waist belt to really create an all fit waistline and present your body shape. With such elegant design with lots of chemistry in it with the fabric, great sacrifices must be made in some aspect, in this case it will be the price. Sorry for online budget shoppers but this dress actually cost RM115. However, if you are fashionistas and really wanted to look good everyday of your life, do put this dress into your wardrobe option =)

To order this lovely dress, do visit them at:
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