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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3D Lace Floral Top

First of all, sorry for not reviewing yesterday! We're currently busy preparing for our final examination in our university. Today, I got some spare time so I just can't stop myself from missing you shoppers and start the review for today! Meet the 3D Lace Floral Top, brought to you all by Pick and Style. Some called this the fancy top, others called it the sexy top of the year. Well... It might just be both isn't it? Bringing out the feminine side of female really is the main point of this top. With the luxurious 3D pattern all over the top, one just can't resist from not putting an eye on you when you wear it! It costs RM56 for this amazing top and I sure that for this kind of top, it is totally worth it.

To order or for more details, do visit them at:
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