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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Must Have Design for Skater Dress 2012

Before reviewing this skater dress, I would like to share something with you shoppers. I realised that after just a few days of reviewing, I found out that most of the dresses around Malaysia blogshops are actually inspired by ASOS creative design. I think it's because how ASOS creativity and magnificant engineering with fabric brought up what we can actually see in today's trend. Am I right?

This Varyl Cut Skater Dress is inspired by ASOS Lace and Mesh Skater Dress as well, and it is one of the Must Have Design for Skater Dress 2012 by ASOS. I love how to cutting of the pattern around the neckline blended with the sexiness beneath every single girls wearing it, and I believe you know what I meant by that. As mentioned by the blogshop owner, since it's imported, do grab this piece of dress while stock last as the restock might take a longer time to be done!

To purchase this Varyl Cut Skater Dress, do visit them at:
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