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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lacey Edge Cardigan for the Day!

Falling in love with cardigan? Well... I think I'm about to. Swiped through lots and lots of blogshops today, and found this amazing cardigan in Dr.Enchante blogshop. Here's the Lacey Edge Cardigan brought to you shoppers! I just love how to lace actually works its own chemistry around the edge of the cardigan, giving out the feminine look for whoever wearing it. It comes in three different colors, which are white, black and blue.

It looks simple and yet the tailoring of it seems rather complicated, and this is what it meant by Fashion, simple yet clean. It will costs you shopper RM33 for this cardigan, and it is totally affordable even for online budget shoppers am I right? =)

To order or for more details, do visit them at:
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