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Monday, October 1, 2012

Collette Dinnagan Spring 2013 Collection

(Taken from Fashion Show Paris Collection for Spring Wear 2013)

This is one of the many pieces of collections that appear in Runway Show in Paris. Collette Dinnigan designed this collection while she's pregnant, and pregnancy doesn't seems to affect her creativity of her fashion sense. Based on the info provided by Alex Veblen from style.com, Collette Dinnigan remained in Australia while her collection is delivered to Paris to showcase.

The floral printing used by Collette for her spring collection is rather different. Instead of floral consisting of garden varieties, Collette used irises as her fashion concept, probably got inspired by the one in Giverny. In her spring collection, these purplish blue appeared in most of her many pieces of fashion, where she ensure that such color will be able to work double duty, day and night. It was on her full length gown with wrap detail as being displayed in the image above.

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