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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Polka Dot Cotton Bag is your Cup of Tea?

Focus is not on the model, is not on the hairdo, not on the clothing as well (well.... You can just admire the clothing though) but is on the BAG. Polka Dot Cotton Bag is kinda rare these days and even if you found one it probably not that adorable as this one! This bag is brought to you all by Loveheart E-house. It comes in 4 colors and to check on how it looks on the other colors, you can just check on their blogshop by clicking the link provided below later on. It is designed very nicely with cotton and decorated neatly at the opening of the bag with lace. But the best part is always the price am I right? It only costs you all RM43 to get one of this.

To purchase, do visit them at:
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