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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Korean Fashion Promotion by Pico Moda

Pico Moda, being rather a brand itself by selling ranges of women apparels is what makes them one of the successful blogshop in the internet. Focusing more into korean fashion, they are able to provide online budget shoppers with the up to date fashion with affordable price you can never imagine!

The price of the new products above range from RM24 to RM41, giving the opportunities for all budget shoppers to really get into shopping mood and shop out of it!

What makes a blogshop successful? Or let me put it this way. What makes any blog successful. Constant update! Pico Moda is able to do so as a fashion blogshop, with constant update delay of only 30minutes, they are able to bring you new fashion twice in an hour! With more than 5000 products available in their blogshop, how can you fail to find the korean fashion that you want!? Not to mention the good customer services they are providing to you shoppers!

As for their October Promotion, they are giving out up to 30% discount for every purchase of various items in the blogshop! And the best part is, there will be free shipping across Malaysia!

Do visit them and shop your way out of it at: Pico Moda (Click Here)
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