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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dress versus Skirt by StyleByJuliet

Afternoon shoppers! It's lunch time. Guess where am I blogging from. Yup! Blogging from my university, using the university computer of course. I guessed I am always out of the topic when I started one XD

Found two lovely pieces of fashion from StyleByJuliet. I can see how the blogshop got its name now since the items on sale are all in style! On the left hand side, that's the Sleeve Dress. It is a combination of wrap style skirt, with a raw edge of high-low hemline. It has elasticized waistline, which means that the entire dress will follow how your body shape looks like, so no worries about needing an accessory to go along on the waist, unless you wanted to! On the right hand side, it looks similar with the Sleeve Dress, except that they are two different categories. On your right, it's the Solid High Low Skirt. Get it? One is a dress, the other is just the skirt. Now, the skirt do have elasticized waistline as well, and that is how you should look like when an accessory like belt goes along with your waist. Oh ya! Did I mentioned that there's another color for the skirt? =P
Here you go =) Now... As for the price. This might not be the choice for budget shoppers since, you know, the price is a little bit high. But if you really do care about fashion, you wouldn't mind the price! For the dress, it costs RM69, while for the skirt, it costs RM75. Well... That's about it. Time to grab my lunch! Shoppers, interested in knowing more about these two items?

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