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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trendlovin' Fever

Last post before hitting the bed? Why not! Well... I just can't stop finding what's new that is being offered by blogshops around  the net, and came across this blogshop. This is the newest collection by them, and to tell the least, their new arrival really really caught my attention. Now, I would like to clarify that this set of new arrival is really not for budget shoppers =( But, I understand that they must have lower down their price to suit online shoppers, since the new arrival set of clothings are imported from Korea! So this tells you what? Quality guaranteed and up to date fashion of course! No? =)

I mean, most of budget shoppers will complain the same thing. It's expensive for online shopping! Hmm.... Well not necessary, cause it depends on what kind of shoppers you are right? Are you a shopaholic who wanted to shop most of the budget stuffs to keep up the fashion, or are you the kind of shoppers in search of high quality up to date fashion? Trendlovin' is definitely a blogshop for the 2nd kind of online shoppers. For shoppers who are interested in their new arrival, what are you waiting for? Visit them for more info at:

Color: Black and White
Size: Free (best fit XS to M)
Price: RM89

Color: Green, White, and Black
Size: Free (best fit S and M)
Price: RM99

Color: Green-grey, Pink, and Black
Size: Free (Best fit XS to M)
Price: RM109

Size: One only
Color: Green, Red, and White
Price: RM86
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