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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work needs Fashion? It's A MUST!

If you ignores fashion all the time while you are working, then it's hard for me to acknowledge that you are into fashion! That's my personal point of view  though =P

Time to get rid of your worries in picking what to wear to your work girls! Here's the Belmode new arrivals that might save your day in work!

Here's Elegant Ruffled Peplum brought to you shoppers this evening! It comes with 3 colors, blackcream and red. Well, the red color is too much for me though. Or rather, red is not really my favourite color so... I skipped it =P But for shoppers who love red really that much, you can browse through their blogshop and find out more about this elegant peplum. Love the design of the peplum, and how the laces are being tailored and giving such a charming pattern to the entire piece of fashion. This peplum really looks alike with the Costume National designed by Ennio Capasa which being showcased in Runway Paris few days back!

And let's go to the price, where our shoppers main focus will always be THE PRICE. Well, I can't say that it's cheap, but it is not expensive either since it is the Alexandra. With the price of RM70 for this peplum, I would say it is really worth the price. After all, you wanted to look sensational during your work. No? =) Get yourselves this piece of charm which comes in three different sizes.

For more info or to purchase this Elegant Ruffled Peplum, do visit:
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