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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Breakfast Time! Start your Day with some Accessories!

Morning shoppers, time for breakfast! A little something  that I found for you shoppers while I'm taking my breakfast! Some accessories which might interest you shoppers to start your day! Take your breakfast and at the same time visit the following accessories blogshops and find something that might attract you to buy them!

Here's a lovely accessory, a Pastel Necklace brought to you shoppers by SprinkSugar. It only cost RM14 for this lovely and nicely designed necklace. If you have any concern about the quality, then you should think before you purchase, cause this accessory is for our budget shoppers  to style themselves daily even with low budget =) Afterall, what you expect from a RM14 necklace right?

For more info regarding this necklace, do visit them at:

Here's another uniquely designed necklace brought to you by Minimum30. This is also an accessories blogshop, and they are selling this Coffee Printed Spiral Retro Necklace for only RM15.50. Well... No idea why there's a 50cents though but hey let's just focus on what they are selling! With such a low price, it should be affordable for you budget shoppers =)

For more info regarding this necklace, do visit them at:
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