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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rojita Victorian Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Daring fashion sense are quite lacking in most of the fashionistas, as they tend to lean towards a rather conservative style. Not to say that it's bad, but to say that if you are really a fashionista, go ahead with more than one genre in your fashion life. That is why I'm here to review this Rojita Victorian Bell Sleeve Lace Dress. Now, why is it daring? Not because of the color, not because of the entire tailoring structure for the body, but the magnificant shaping of the sleeves. Bell sleeves are not common in most fashion pieces as it is quite hard to match with most designs and worst of all not everyone love to have a bell sleeves. In this dress, you can realised a different perspective the designer is trying to reach out to. The combination of lace at the neck and bell sleeves not only make this dress looks exclusive, but rather bring out an exotic feel for the person wearing it. Of course, this piece of fashion will not be cheap as it costs RM160 for it. Think wisely of what you really wanted to put into your wardrobe and shop happily =)

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