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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aztec Printed Shorts for Lunch!

First of all, I am already awake! =) Nice rest today. Secondly, this review is not about the top, but the shorts! Pretty unexpected right since the top is the eye catching one, but the shorts really is one nice piece of fashion I found today! This Aztec Print Shorts is brought to you all, by Interlocking Fashion. Can't see the shorts clearly? Here's another picture for better illustration!

This finely printed Aztec Shorts is not really a new one, since it's being worn once by the blogshop owner. But hey, we're reviewing it not because of the frequency of it being worn, but how the chemistry work so well for the Aztec printing with that white top! I hope that some other blogshops are selling the top. If you are interested in buying this one and you don't mind since it's only being worn once, it will cost you RM40. If you really wanted a new one, you can find it in InHouseFashion.sg where the original price is SGD26. So, make your choice shoppers! First come first serve basis though since... There's only one of it!

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